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A battery from Intel inside your plug-in hybrid?

Andrew Grove is once again pushing for more plug-in vehicles. The song is similar, but the lyrics are slightly different. Grove is now suggesting that his former company, Intel Corp., make the leap from building microprocessors to manufacturing advanced batteries for plug-in vehicles. Grove is telling the current Intel CEO that building high-tech car batteries is a good way to diversify the compay and to "fill a strategic niche as auto makers shift to production of plug-in electric vehicles."

What does your employer do for your commute? US government ranks top 20 workplaces for commuters

For the last three years, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transporation have ranked 20 companies that they feel offer the best benefits for commuters and for three years Intel has come out on top. Why shouldn't they? They offer their employees vanpools, subsidies for public transportation, showers and storage for those who bike or run and even a dry-cleaner to lessen the demand for driving. And what if you could measure your commute times in milliseconds? In 2005, a who

Lamborghini-badged VX1 laptop to be unveiled in Monterey

No, it's not a new high-powered supercar, but the Asus Lamborghini-VX1 will still turn some, albeit geeky, heads. Scheduled to debut in Monterey, California at the 2006 Concorso Italiano "Celebration of Italian Style," on August 18th, the laptop produced by Asus Computer International is borrowing the Lambo name to gain a little mileage out of its newest high-end notebook. The laptop will be unveiled at a press conference at Lamborghini's tent and will be featured at both the Asus and Lambo sta

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