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The intersection of automobiles and art is always an interesting locale, and one french sculptor has spiced things up a bit with a Mercedes-Benz covered in flies. The premise sounds a bit shaky to be sure, but artist Natacha Mercier says the concept was inspired by something she witnessed back in 2007. While standing on a side street, she saw a BMW owner drive up, park and get out of the car. Clad all in white and with plenty of gold chains around his neck, the driver then proceeded to spit-poli

Driving a car through the scenic highways and byways criss-crossing their way through the countryside can be a messy experience. No, we're not talking about pollution from tailpipes, we're talking about something far more insidious: literally trillions of lives are lost each year by nothing short of blunt-force trauma, and it's all caused by mankind's need to get from point A to point B.

Dung Beetles and your driving will soon have something in common – Click above to watch video

Have you ever sat for a couple of hours and just watched ants work? Unless you have a government grant or just no life at all, probably not. They're actually quite fascinating according to The Discovery Channel. They (the ants, not TDC) can carry 10-50 times their own weight, get more done before dawn than you do in a month, can fill out 1040-EZ forms without the worksheets and never, ever get caught in traffic jams.