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The problem with looking at apparent trends over a short time period is that what looks like a trend one day may be nothing more than a statistical blip. Looked at over a slightly longer period, it may turn out to be unsustainable. Nonetheless, Inhabitat has made a good go of looking at the green transportation trends for this year. Some will likely prove sustainable and others not, in many cases for the same reason: the economy. The biggest unknown that we face collectively is the world economy

Inhabitat is a blog that focuses on design and innovation and they've decided to compile a list of their five sexiest sustainable sports cars. Traditionally sports cars have not been equated with green motoring, but in the past couple of years a lot of new entries have popped up, many strictly in concept form and others destined for production. Number five on Inhabitat's list is the ethanol fueled Saab Aero-X concept with position four being occupied by the super rare and expensive battery power