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It's a sign of the times that even the banks don't have money. With everyone hurting in this economic climate, several large banking groups have been prompted to cancel their sponsorship activities in Formula One. Credit Suisse announced it was withdrawing its sponsorship of the BMW Sauber team for this season. Dutch banking giant ING, which invested heavily – some 50 million Euros (about $63M USD), according to some estimates – in the Renault team, trackside advertising and title sp

Dutch financial giant ING is investing heavily in F1 to promote its banking services with the same fast-paced, cutting-edge, dynamic image sought after by every F1 sponsor. However, unlike other companies that start small, ING aims to make a splash that no spectator could miss. There are a number of ways companies can get their name into grand prix racing, and it seems ING has checked all the boxes.