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Luftikid is an inflatable child safety seat.

Small cars are not as safe as big cars in a crash. It's basic physics: If you put tons of metal around you, of course it's going to take the brunt of a crash. The engineers at XP Vehicles just might change that with their new small car, the Whisper. They say the Whisper "is the safest car ever designed for drivers, passengers and pedestrians." The Whisper achieves this level of safety because it's inflatable.

One thing that all of the high mileage vehicles and concepts share is a focus on aerodynamics. The entire shape of the EV1, Prius and Insight were penned specifically to improve fuel efficiency through aerodynamics. Vehicles such as the hybrid Civic and even the hybrid SUVs from GM have features such as flat wheels or lowered front valences are air dams to improve aerodynamics. What does this mean to you and me? That vehicle aerodynamics are important, especially on one designed for efficiency,