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IndyCars expected to switch to down-sized turbocharged engines

The IndyCar series is due to adopt new engine rules soon and it looks like they will follow the lead of many manufacturers toward downsized and turbocharged engines. The open-wheeled racers that run at the Indianapolis 500 and many other tracks currently use a normally aspirated 3.0L V8 running on straight ethanol. A new engine formula is expected to go into effect for the 2011 season with a switch to turbo engines with either four or six cylinders.

Honda to supply IndyCar engines at least 5 more years

Honda is now in its third season as the sole supplier of engines for the IndyCar series, and it has decided to re-up for another five years. Honda originally jumped into IndyCar from the now-departed Champ Cars in 2003, and at that time, the H was still competing with Toyota and General Motors. The other two manufacturers eventually dropped out, leaving Honda to supply the whole field. Honda's new committment isn't an exclusive deal. The Indy Ra

Open Arms in Open Wheels: reunited IndyCar season kicks off at Homestead

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