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IndyCars expected to switch to down-sized turbocharged engines

The IndyCar series is due to adopt new engine rules soon and it looks like they will follow the lead of many manufacturers toward downsized and turbocharged engines. The open-wheeled racers that run at the Indianapolis 500 and many other tracks currently use a normally aspirated 3.0L V8 running on straight ethanol. A new engine formula is expected to go into effect for the 2011 season with a switch to turbo engines with either four or six cylinders.

First-ever all-ethanol Indy 500 has a winner...

We'll leave the winner's name out of the first part of this post, and we'll start by focusing instead on the fact that this was the first time the Indy 500 was run using 100 percent ethanol (as if you needed reminding, right?)

Just how popular was $2.25 ethanol this past week?

As we oh-so bravely predicted, gas that was selling for about a dollar less per gallon than the national average this past week was awful popular. The price was lowered at a gas station in Indianapolis as a promotional event just before this weekend's Indy 500 race, and the $2.25 cost for a gallon of E10 (I'd heard it was going to be $2.20 a gallon) was enough to bring in the cars,

Gas may be $3.50, but ethanol is $2.20 at one Indianapolis station tomorrow

Just in time for the all-ethanol Indianapolis 500 this weekend, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) is sponsoring reduced-price ethanol in Indianapolis tomorrow. Unlike other ethanol promotions, this one is all about the E10, so anyone with a gasoline engine can benefit during the small window (between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.) when the fuel will be sold for $2.20 a gallon.

Indy's E100 season starts today, kind of

The fastest way to burn E10 will soon get a chance to burn pure ethanol. The first truck carrying 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol bound for use in the IndyCar Series, which starts March 24, left the Renova ethanol plant in Torrington, Wyoming today. Indy's move to E100 is no secret – they cars used E10 all last year in preparation for this year's E100 switch – and new we're getting to brass tacks.