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In an apparent case of industrial espionage, Mercedes alleges that one of its F1 powertrain engineers was preparing to take secrets with him to Ferrari.

The industrial espionage case involving three top Renault execs, some of the automaker's electric vehicle secrets and possibly even China continues. In early January, the French carmaker officially filed an accusation against a undisclosed company tied to a foreign power, according to Jean-Claude Marin, a Paris prosecutor, in a report posted by Reuters. This espionage case has grown to such a level that French industry manager Eric Besson stated that the nation was facing an "economic war" over

Well, we can forget about seeing any clandestine shots of future Porsche products crop up via Facebook – at least from employees of the German automaker. According to Bloomberg, the company has come down hard on the use of social network sites while workers are on the clock. The reason? The company is worried that "foreign intelligence services" could be peeking in on confidential messages sent between employees using the service. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried. Of course, we'r

In what looks like a serious-but-probably-the-norm case of industrial espionage, General Motors' South Korean Daewoo division is reportedly alleging that the Russian automaker TagAZ has tried to copy its Lacetti sedan. Backing up those allegations are the arrests of two TagAZ engineers – former Daewoo employees who are said to have taken computer files from one company to the other. A third former Daewoo employee, an executive, left notes proclaiming his innocence and then committed suicid