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VW, Protean will work together on in-wheel motors

Protean Electric has reached an agreement for its all-electric in-wheel mot

Protean Electric shows off production-ready in-wheel electric-drive system

Protean Electric is ready for the rubber to hit the road for its in-wheel electric-drive system. With one of those systems powering those tires, of course.

What are in-wheel motors?

Have you ever thought that putting motors inside the wheels of a vehicle may a more elegant way of providing propulsion? It would certainly eliminate a number of energy-robbing parts; transmission, driveshafts, differentials and make the drivetrain more modular and provide additional space for other energy storage/creation

Video: 130 MPG Ingo car gets local news coverage

Ingo Valentin was interviewed on local news station WISN recently about his 130 MPG Ingo Car. The car uses in-wheel motors that run on fluid pressurized from a small on-board gas motor. Ingo hopes the car will win the Lascelles Linton