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With the arrival of Spring in Belgium comes news from Liege of progress in the development of a "PowerHybrid" that's aiming to resurrect the Imperia brand. We haven't heard too much from the folks building the Imperia GP roadster since we first told you about them in February. Their inclusion in our Top 20 most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today post reminded us to check out their website again.

Reviving long-forgotten automotive brands seems to be all the rage of late, with Zap brining back Detroit Electric and now a Belgian company called Green Propulsion calling up the Imperia marque. Imperia was another Belgian brand that operated in the first half of the last century. The company is working a concept for a new car with styling that harkens back to the original Imperia models. Under the skin, though, this machine is all new. The new Imperia GP is equipped with 174hp 2.0L V-4 combine