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Mercedes offering illuminated Three-Pointed Star logo

Deep, dark, secret confession time: Back well over a decade ago while I was in college, I supported my love for all things automotive in part by publishing basic how-to articles on websites dedicated to the vehicle that I owned at the time, a 1999 Ford Ranger. I never got paid for these pieces, but they eventually gained enough notice that aftermarket companies started sending me products to feature. Much of it was cosmetic, all of it was minim

Cadillac choreographs light show for approaching its 2013 XTS

Cadillac has already been releasing a steady drip of information about what's going into its 2013 XTS like its autonomous-vehicle tech, and now it's focusing on lighting choreography. Cadillac reminds us that its lighting signature is vertical bands of illumination, tying it back

2013 Ford Mustang redefines "badge engineering" with logo projector

Most car marques can be easily recognized by their emblems. But some model lines have their own emblems, too. The Mustang stands out as a clear example, and now Ford is projecting that image even further. And we mean that quite literally.

Camaro interior animation lets you see the light

At a GM event we attended at the end of last summer, one of the presentations shown to the assembled media was an interior animation depicting the new Chevy Camaro's cockpit lighting and how it changs depending on the position of the key in the ignition.