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Army, Air Force fit MRAP with freaking mine-clearing lasers

The US Army and Air Force are preparing a new MRAP vehicle that's capable of detonating IEDs from 1,000 feet away using laser beams.

US Army developing crash test dummy to measure shock waves

The US Army has commissioned a tech company to develop a new type of crash-test dummy that will better measure the forces exerted on soldiers by IEDs.

Could the car of the future have a force field?

Force fields may be getting ready to move out of the realm of science fiction, as Boeing has patented a system that attempts to mitigate shockwaves.

IED Torino students dream up the PassoCorto for Hyundai

Every year the students at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Turin work up something new to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show. It's usually a concept for an Italian automaker (like the Alfa Romeo Gloria, the Cisitalia 202 E or the Abarth ScorpION) or at least something European (like the concepts they worked up with McLaren or the ones they did for Aston Martin). But this time they've wandered a little farther from home in designing a sports car for Hyundai.

IED PassoCorto concept is a student-designed Hyundai we can get behind

Sometimes the best ideas come from fresh eyes, and a group of design students from Istituto Europeo di Design – better known as IED – are out to prove that sentiment with this striking Hyundai PassoCorto concept. This two-seat thesis project of the Master of Arts in Transportation Design program for the Turin, Italy school will be officially unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show beginning March 4.

Alfa Romeo and IED ready Gloria concept for Geneva

It just wouldn't be right for the Geneva Motor Show not to be stocked with exotic concept cars, so this new one from Alfa Romeo and design studio IED should fit right in. Known as the Gloria Concept, the sleek four-door is the result of twenty Master in Transportation Design students at IED, with guidance from Alfa's own Style Center.

IED Torino students fail to impress with Cisitalia 202 E concept

Obscure as it may have been (and remains still) to most motorheads on the western shores of the Atlantic, the original Cisitalia 202 was (and endures as) an icon in automotive design. It was fluid, harmonious, and looked as though it were carved by wind from a single bar of soap. The modern interpretation you see here, however, is a far cry.

IED Torino students revisit Cisitalia 202 with Geneva-bound concept

Back in the mid-40s, Pininfarina designed a car for Cisitalia called (simply enough) the 202. The auto marque has long since died, but the 202 lives on as a hallmark of harmonious design. Now the students at the IED in Turin are paying homage with a new design study slated for unveiling at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

European design students team up to dream up future Aston Martins [w/VIDEO]

Aston Martin 2025 Libido: Amore e Psiche design study – Click above for high-res image gallery

Fiat may be planning Abarth-only models

Ever since the Fiat 500 showed up in concept car form, there was inevitable talk of resurrecting the Abarth version for the sports-minded motorist. When we saw THAT concept, we offered up our first-born children. But there is some doubt that the U.S. will ever get these Fiats, let alone the Abarth editions. Bad news for us, but there is actually even better news for those in Europe. It seems Abarth might be established as its own marque within the FIAT kingdom, with sport models of the 500 and G