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You may have read on our sister site, Autoblog, that PETA isn't a fan of the Iditarod dog race. What about "urban mushing"? I happen to have a couple of Doberman's, and my oldest, Ali, happens to LOVE pulling me on my roller-blades. As a matter of fact, it is just about his favorite activity in the world. When it's nice outside, I'll go ahead and let him pull me over to his friend's houses, and we'll spend some time with the other dogs in the neighborhood.

Of course we knew what we were asking for when we posted on PeTA's decision to incorrectly call out the Chrysler Group as a primary sponsor of the Iditarod. We tried to keep the dicussion on the merits of PeTA erroneously referring to DaimlerChrysler as a sponsor of the Alaskan sled dog race, considering that the automaker's only remaining connection to the Iditarod is a single Alaskan car dealer that continues to sponsor the event. We still take issue with the animal rights organization for fai

Another action group has set its sights on the auto industry, this time its People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA has the Chrysler Group in its crosshairs for a loose connection it maintains with the annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race held in Alask, which officially starts this Sunday. Clearly PETA has a problem with using sled dogs as an engine for ground-based transportation over snow. We get that. What we don't get is why the organization is attacking the Chrysler Group.