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Updated Icona Vulcano coming to Pebble Beach

After debuting the original version in 2013, Icona is back with a one-off, titanium-bodied take on its Vulcano supercar for the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Icona Vulcano does a sultry striptease in Shanghai [UPDATE]

Perhaps Icona didn't get the message that it's safe to reveal the entirety of the Vulcano now that the Shanghai Motor Show is underway, but we'll enjoy the half we can see and admit that we didn't expect to like it as much as we do. There's some Jonathon Ramsey

Icona Vulcano teased again before Shanghai reveal [w/video]

It used to be that New York marked the end of the auto show season, but after the Shanghai show has moved so as not to compete with NYC, we've settled in for a few more weeks of teasing. Here we have another glimpse of the Vulcano, the supercar created by Shanghai-based boutique carmaker Icona Jonathon Ramsey

Icona Vulcano one-off supercar headed for Shanghai

We're still on a bit of a supercar hangover from all the high-horsepower goodness we saw at the Geneva Motor Show, but the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show promises at least one car that can rival the performance numbers of the McLaren P1, Jeffrey N. Ross