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It's Friday: Top Gear to blame for Icelandic volcano eruption

It seems so obvious in retrospect, doesn't it? Consider the facts. Exhibit A: Top Gear has demonstrated a penchant for visiting the faraway reaches of Iceland for some of their memorable television stunts and was seen filming in the cold just last week in one of their beloved Toyota trucks. Exhibit B: The boys at Top Gear – and especially ringleader Jeremy C

Top Gear takes blame for Icelandic volcano eruption

Top Gear at Iceland's Eyjafallajökull volcano – Click above for high-res image gallery

Iceland has vast resources to produce hydrogen

Iceland doesn't have any fossil fuel resources of it's own, but it has no shortage natural energy from deep within the earth. Thanks to abundant volcanic activity from the mid-Atlantic ridge, there is plenty of geothermal energy available. This has provided Iceland the opportunity to try and completely eliminate the import of fossil fuels over the next few decades.