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Iceland is a gorgeous place. Just take a look at these Flickr submissions from the island. The country's finances aren't quite so pretty these days, and the reality of the financial crisis is dramatically slowing down the country's attempted shift to a hydrogen economy. Iceland has been testing hydrogen-powered vehicles for years, and the first hydrogen fueling station opened there in late 2007. One reason for the move to hydrogen is that the island country can fairly easily use geothermal energ

Now here's a conference I'd love to attend. Two days of sustainable driving discussion in Iceland. Better than killing two birds with one stone, that'd be like having the birds pluck themselves clean and dive into the soup pot, if you're into eating bird soup.

Antonio Abaya, a writer for the Manila Standard in the Philippines, has been ready for hydrogen fuel cells since checking out a fuel cell briefing in 1995. In an article that tries to reframe some of the recent bad news about how humans are wrecking the environment, Abaya writes about carbon-free power. Without question, he says, we need to stop using carbon-based fossil fuels. This won't be an easy process, but it has to move forward. Two countries, Iceland and Sweden, armed with money, small p

Hjalti Pall Ingolfsson of Icelandic New Energy is coming to Philadelphia this week on an evangelizing mission. Ingolfsson (pictured) is well suited to explain how other areas can learn from Iceland's shift to a hydrogen economy. He wrote his masters' thesis on the feasibility of exporting hydrogen from Iceland to the continent of Europe with the Icelandic New Energy and the University of Iceland. This trip to Pennsylvania makes me think he's setting his sights on both sides of the pond now. Ingo