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Ian Wright And Wrightspeed Have Their Sights Set On Trash

Ian Wright left Tesla before it was a well-known electric automaker. Now he wants to turn your garbage truck into an EV.


Says Lowering Costs To Make EVs Mainstream Is 'Not Possible'

New Zealander Ian Wright was one of the three original founders of Tesla Motors in 2003 and helped get Elon Musk to back the company the following year. But while Wright says Tesla has done "quite a lot better than I expected it would," he still doesn't fully support the position that simply lowering the price of electric cars will create mass adoption.

Ian Wright, he of Ariel Atom converted to Wrightspeed X1 fame, has recently been more vocal about his dream of an efficient hybrid powertrain for heavy and high-performance vehicles. His has, in fact, been kicking this idea around for some time but now it seems he's really getting serious and has wooed $5 million in Series A funding for the range-extended cause from a private investor.

Wrightspeed X1 – Click above to watch video after the jump

Ian Wright is a name familiar to many electric car enthusiasts as the man who turned an Ariel Atom into the Ferrari-beating Wrightspeed X1 prototype. It's been a while since we've heard from Mr. Wright, who has been working on engineering a hybrid system for heavy duty pick-up trucks, but now there is news from the former Kiwi. And if you are still disappointed Wrightspeed didn't bring the X1 to market, the news is good. According to Michael Kanellos over at greentechmedia, the builder of the wo