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Hertz Rent-a-Car has added two plug-in Mitsubishi i-MiEVs to its fleet of vehicles in London and intends to add more of the pocket-sized electric vehicles across the UK later this year. The battery-powered hatchbacks are offered as rental vehicles to Connect by Hertz members and will be supported by 16 Hertz-installed quick-charge stations located in and around London.

Two of the UK's top politicians – Prime Minister Gordon Brown and London Mayor Boris Johnson – now have access to electric cars, at least for a little while. For the PM, a Mini E will be added to the Downing Street car pool for two months and will be made available to ministers for official business. Johnson's new electric car is an i-MiEV, which he is using in Denmark during COP 15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009. While he's only using the car for a short while,