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As you probably know, Hyundai is bringing a fuel cell concept CUV, the i-Blue, to the Frankfurt Motor Show from its design center in Chiba, Japan. Hyundai hasn't released much new information on the car, but we do have two new pictures to show. Click on the image above for a larger version of the i-Blue and go behind the jump for another high-res view.

There's one real easy way to tell whether the car model you're looking at online is available in the U.S. or European market. If you see these words: "a choice of three gasoline and three diesel engines, combined with manual or automatic transmission," you can bet it's not American. That's the case with Hyundai's new i30, the first Hyundai to fall under the company's new vehicle nomenclature (more details on that on Tuesday). The i30 will be available throughout Europe this summer as a 5-door ha

This is how they do it; just dribble information out a little bit at a time. Hyundai is teasing with this drawing for one of two new vehicles it will debut in Geneva next month. Hyundai says this CUV will be better for the environment and for nearby walkers: