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The Hybrid, Electric and Plug-In Hybrid models arrive this summer

The Hyundai Ioniq lineup of electrified vehicles is being updated for 2019 with new safety technologies, more voice-recognition features and standard remote charge management for electric and plug-in hybrid models.


Government tax rebates could bring the cost down below $20,000.

The final member of the Ioniq family now has final facts and figures.

First Drive

Don’t be shy. You won’t look smug (or confused) in these hybrids.

Prius, watch your back, because the Ioniq is gunning for you.


Expect a big marketing push in March.

The plug-in hybrid variant should be available by this September.

New York

Hyundai's electrified Ioniq might just be the green star of this year's New York Auto Show, offering consumers hybrid, plug-in, and all-electric options.