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We saw it unveiled at the New York Auto Show back in March, and now we've got a release date for the Hyundai Genesis, just not for here. December 29th will mark coincident milestones for Hyundai. First, it's designed a new logo celebrating 40 years of growth. Second, and more exciting to us, is the Korean market launch of the Genesis (BH) sedan. The Genesis may not be groundbreaking for the rest of the industry, but it's got us on the edge of our seats nonetheless. With the Tau V8 underhood driv

Despite our earlier speculation, Hyundai's upcoming BH model won't be a replacement for the Korean Equus. Hyundai Motor Co. says now that its new "BH" luxury car will slot in between the Azera and the Equus, in a spot formerly filled by the front-wheel drive Dynasty. This V8 powered rear-wheel-drive sedan will go on sale in South Korea at the end of this year or possibly in early 2008. U.S. sales would start soon after that. We'll actually see the car, sans camo, as the Genesis Concept next mont