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If you haven't noticed, Hyundai's been on a multifaceted tear lately. Earlier this year, Hyundai came out with its Hyundai Assurance Program, letting customers return their cars if they suffered a loss of employment. CEO John Krafcik confirms that Hyundai Assurance is staying until the end of 2009, and its future beyond that is under serious scrutiny. Aside from its new models, the innovative car-return initiative was probably the biggest news to come out of Hyundai all year, and other automaker

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Hyundai has scored a big marketing win with its incentive program that allows owners to return a new Hyundai within a year if they lose their job. Called the Hyundai Assurance program, the South Korean automaker sweetened the deal later by offering to pay up to three months of car payments before taking the car back so that owners would have time to look for a new job. While the rest of the auto industry has been hit with slumping sales in 2009, Hyundai sales were up in January and about even in

While the U.S. auto industry experienced a massive drop in sales last month, Hyundai was one of just three automakers that posted an increase. While a number of factors can account for the South Korean automaker's success in a down market, especially the addition of an all-new model, the Genesis, to its lineup, Hyundai knows its creative Assurance Program is helping. People are worried about losing their jobs in a recession and committing to the monthly payments of a new car sounds like a bad id