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Back in June we told you about a test that Top Gear did with a Toyota Prius and BMW M3. At the time, the Top Gear crew ran a Prius around their test track as fast as they could for 10 laps with Jeremy Clarkson pacing right behind it in a BMW M3. Not surprisingly, the Prius - which is not designed for this kind of application - scored a comparatively poor 14.3 mpg (U.S.) in the test. As we all know, driving style does affect mileage which we again demonstrated this week during our drive of the Je

After evaluating supercars to see which could go furthest on a gallon of gasoline, the crew of Top Gear decided to try again. What they apparently set out to do was demonstrate the impact of driving behavior on fuel economy. All hypermiling enthusiasts will gladly expound on how modifying your driving style can take you above and beyond the EPA mileage ratings. Of course, Jeremy Clarkson had to demonstrate this by taking the negative approach. He pitted a Toyota Prius against a new BMW M3. No on