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At all Volvo facilities in Sweden and Belgium, Volvo Cars is using hydropower to generate every last bit of electric power needed to run its operations. The switch to greener power is part of Volvo Cars' "path to reach a climate-neutral production in Europe," as the company explains it.

Just prior to the UN Climate Change Conference going on now in Nairobi, Kenya, the International Rivers Network released a report that raises some very interesting questions. Titled Fizzy Science the report claims that hydro-electric power and the reservoirs that go with them emit far more greenhouse gases than previously thought.

New York Power Authority (NYPA) is about to embark on a $21 million dollar hydrogen power and vehicle project. The plan will fund and oversee the construction of two hydrogen generating stations which will incorporate vehicle fueling capabilities as well as the purchasing of a fleet of hydrogen-fueled vehicles. The stations will reportedly cost $7.5 million while the remaining $13.5 million will be set aside for hydrogen-fueled fleet. Electricity to power the electrolysis process will come from