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There are any of a number of places you'd expect to find a Ferrari: at the race track, on the auction block, in the showroom, parked in front of the swankiest restaurants in town... To see one in the water usually spells trouble, but history is not without its exceptions.

When your summer involves a water-propelled jet pack, high-speed hydroplanes, and being jumped by a professional wakeboarder while trailing off the back of an all-electric sport boat, it warrants a look back. That's why we brought you TRANSLOGIC 72: Best of Summer 2011. For more info on any of the waterlogged rides seen in our summertime special, check out the In Detail posts below:


"I can remember when my grandfather taught me how to skip stones. You know what he told me?"

At first glance, hydroplane racing on the Detroit River may seem a little obscure, but a closer look at its history reveals a motorsport that's rich with both heros and heritage. Clearly, the #88 Degree Men hyrdroplane featured in TRANSLOGIC 65 is a state of the art racing boat, but the sport has more modest beginnings. The American Power Boat Association (APBA) Gold Cup is the oldest active trophy in motorsports and was first awarded in 1904. The Gold Cup found its way to Detroit in the years

We've always found that our tires get squirrely in the wet before they fail the old penny test for tread depth. The Tire Rack, supplier of black round things and other accessories, are suggesting that the price of your safety has appreciated by 24 cents. For years, the penny test has been a quick way to turn a common item of pocket detritus into a tread-depth gauge. Hold Abe upside down, and if the tread clears the top of his noggin, you've got at least 2/32nds of an inch of tread. When tread ge

Here is another one of those oddities that we sometimes show you here at AutoblogGreen. We often write about motorcycles here, so this one seems to fit... sort of. Anyway, what we have here is a mid-eighties Yamaha Virago, one of the first of the Japanese Harley-copies that hit the scene. These are the motorcycles that initiated the term "cruiser" as opposed to just Harley... but enough history.