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Today is the first day of the Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo - a few updates

Mike Hugh from Fuel Cell Today is at the Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo today. As you are all aware, there are many roadblocks holding back the "hydrogen economy". Besides getting the vehicles themselves to run on hydrogen, the hydrogen delivery infrastructure is a huge hurdle, a

DOE figures it's time to understand the dangers of hydrogen

Last week, the Department of Energy started a program for first responders (fire fighters, EMS/ambulance teams, etc.) on hydrogen safety. The on-line course, "tutorial acquaints first responders with hydrogen, its basic properties, and how it compares to other familiar fuels; its use in fuel cells for transportation and stationary power; potential hazards; and initial protective actions responders should take if they witness are called to an incident." Never too early to start, I guess.

The Ohio State University granted $1.6 million by Department of Energy for hydrogen research

It is no secret that the "hydrogen economy," as proposed, requires very large amounts of hydrogen if it will ever come to reality. One reason proponents of hydrogen as fuel wish to pursue their ideas is because hydrogen is in no short supply, being that it is a part of water, helping to make it the most abundant chemical element in the universe. However, it is rather expensive to separate the hydrogen from the water, and right now it's more attractive to extract it

Hydrogen ICE Prius hybrid leads the way in Michigan

One truth about the hydrogen economy (other than that it's constantly 10-20 years away) is that no one really knows what it's going to look like. All of the technology involved (hydrogen production, fuel cells, etc.) is constantly being revamped and further developed. An article earlier this week from the Oakland Press does a good job of coving a lot of the issues, but the fulcrum of the story is a modified Prius hy

Electric-car filmmaker sounds off against Chevy Sequel

In the comments section, the first to respond to Makower's post was Richard Titus, executive producer of "Who Killed the Electric Car?". Titus revived the myths about hydrogen. He closed by saying "We need to stop smoking the hydrogen pipe dream and get real with our addiction to oil."

Hydrogen economy unnecessary, say City College of New York researchers

The "right" fuel of the future is not yet decided, but bloggers at Technology Review, an independent media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are convinced that hydrogen is certainly the wrong fuel to be the farm on. They first wrote about their stance in a survery called "It's Not Too Late" about a month ago. In that piece, they argued that we have the technologies available today to dramatically low

SuperGrid will deliver hydrogen, more electricity trough-out North America

If reading some tech-y details of how the upcoming hydrogen economy might actually work is your thing, you'll have quite a good time reading the feature article in the current article of Scientific America. A group of engineers and physicists who have been developing something called the SuperGrid wrote an article describing their work and its possible impact. The upshot is t

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