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"We are thinking about plug-in hybrids, but we aren't thinking about commercializing one right away." This is what Honda's President Takeo Fukui said in a recent interview. The automaker, which is leasing hydrogen cars in the U. S. and Japan, thinks of hydrogen as the long-term solution, but competitors and new automotive policies coming out of the White House are forcing the Japanese marque to rethink its policy. The new regulations might be the most important for Honda, because the Obama presi

Forecasting flaps for Tesla, Nissan and Chevy. Highlighting the limited range batteries offer. Wondering how well they would perform under less-than-ideal conditions. Explaining the cost of replacing li-ion batteries.There's a lot of electric vehicle and plug-in criticism going on on Greg Blencoe's self-defined "for hydrogen advocates only" blog post that has gathered up 25 quotes from Toyota and Honda executives. Blencoe also found five additional quotes from sources outside of the Japanese aut