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The Hydrogen Road Tour is scheduled to roll into the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 here in Vancouver tomorrow after 1,700 miles and nine days on the road. But, with the range of even the best hydrogen vehicles in the hundreds of miles and H2 stations not exactly around every corner, we were curious about how the dozen hydrogen vehicles on the drive managed the trip. We got the following email from Angela Nanalal, the Hydrogen Station designer for Powertech Labs, one of the main supporters of the Hy

Stating next week, a little thing called the Hydrogen Road Tour will visit 28 cities over nine days. The Tour will cruise north along the West Coast, starting in Chula Vista, California and ending in Vancouver, British Columbia. The point of the trip, if the name doesn't make it obvious, is to promote H2 vehicles and to "highlight the communities where fuel cells and hydrogen stations are entering early commercial markets." Some of the 12 vehicles that will join the tour include: