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SunHydro, Proton Energy get to work on east coast Hybrogen Highway

When hydrogen cars become available to the general public, they will start in California. This is pretty much an accepted truth among people who follow the green car scene today, but SunHydro/Proton Energy thinks

Report: SunHydro plans East Coast hydrogen highway

Hydrogen vehicles hold out a future hope where our cars, trucks and motorcycles won't be emitting harmful toxins and carbon dioxide from their tailpipes (and yes, we know generating the hydrogen fuel will mean emissions from other sources). But before any of us can trade in our fossil fuel-burner for a new hydroge

Japanese company unveils semi-mobile hydrogen fuelling station

Iwatani International Corporation, a Japanese energy company, and Kansai Electric Power Company have developed a liquefied hydrogen storage mobile refueling station mounted on a semi-trailer, and are going to start operations in the Kansai area.