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Hydrogen ICE Prius hybrid leads the way in Michigan

One truth about the hydrogen economy (other than that it's constantly 10-20 years away) is that no one really knows what it's going to look like. All of the technology involved (hydrogen production, fuel cells, etc.) is constantly being revamped and further developed. An article earlier this week from the Oakland Press does a good job of coving a lot of the issues, but the fulcrum of the story is a modified Prius hy

Miljobil Grenland AS takes delivery of four hydrogen-fueled Pruis hybrids in Norway

Alongside the Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE seen at the opening of Norway's first hydrogen station last week, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. delivered four fifteen hydrogen-fueled Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles to Miljobil Grenland AS. The four are the first of fifteen such Priuses Quantum will deliver to Miljobil Grenland, which is a participant and vehicle provider to the Norwegian Hydrogen Highway (HyNor).

Prius hydrogen hybrids to be leased to the State of California later this year

Another batch of hydrogen-powered hybrids will be leased to government officials in California later this year (recently, some were put into use in Santa Monica earlier this month). The hybrids, a group of four modified Priuses, will be leased by the state government from Quantum Fuel Systems as part of the California Hydrogen Highway Network (CaH2Net)

Hydrogen hybrid Prius cars arrive in Golden State

Five experimental Toyota Prius sedans were delivered to the City of Santa Monica, California, on Thursday. Why experimental? All the hybrids are fueled by hydrogen gas instead of gasoline as part of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (AQMD) plan to educate the public on hydrogen as a future fuel source. The hybrids will be fueled at hydrogen stations located in Santa Monica, Burbank, Ontario, Riverside, Santa Ana, and the AQMD's headquarters in Diamond Bar.