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Toyota says freezing temps pose zero problems for fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles are not afraid of one thing – freezing cold weather. That's the latest from two companies that have been driving the cars in frostbite temperatures in the Northeast recently.

Hyundai, Kia expanding plug-in vehicle line-up in Korea

Hyundai is shedding a bit of light on its electric vehicle plans. About time, too, since the company has spend a long period being quite vague about plugging in while touting its hydrogen Jon LeSage

Hydrogen fuel cells plus supercapacitors make most-efficient powertrain

A presentation made by Belgian researchers at Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) 27 in Barcelona might irk fans of battery-driven EVs. A new study found that the numbers prove fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle (FCHEV) powertrains partnered with supercapacitors have better fuel economy than powertrains that blend a fuel cell and a battery.

DOE's H2USA plan could indicate revived push for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

The Obama administration has reportedly shifted gears on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Government funding for H2 vehicles was cut in 2009, but the US Department of Energy will soon be launching a project called H2USA in support of hydrogen-powered cars, Automotive News reports.

Daimler, Ford, Nissan Announce Joint Development Of Fuel Cell Technology [VIDEO]

With newly-announced collaboration, will hydrogen fuel cell technology regain its luster?

Four automakers take fuel cell vehicles on European road trip

Global automakers are taking a European road trip together to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. On September 13, seven different fuel cell cars from Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota started a one-month tour with stopovers planned for n