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Researchers from Tokyo City University and the National Traffic Safety and Environment Lab in Japan presented a paper at the SAE Powertrains Fuels & Lubricants meeting outlining plans to develop a multi-cylinder direct-injection spark-ignition (DISI) hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) for heavy-duty vehicles. The researchers are shooting to develop a hydrogen-fueled truck that offers the same level of performance that today's crop of diesel-fed big rigs provide.

click on the image for a high-res gallery of the fuel cell E-Flex platform

We brought you news of the Giugiaro VAD.HO concept which was shown in Geneva at the Motor Show, and now we have some live pictures of the machine from the show floor.

With the Hydrogen 7 hitting the streets (and the Oscars), BMW is busy making the case for liquid hydrogen combustion engines. The European Union is listening.