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Fuel-cell bicycles. It's an idea that comes around every couple of years. Or about seven. It's a complicated process, but then again, so is procuring a little hydrogen.

Nearly a year ago, we first laid eyes on a hydrogen-powered moped from the Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Company. Although the machine had, um... questionable aesthetics, we were impressed by its 60-mile range at 15 miles per hour and relatively low $2,600 price tag. According to a report on Shanghai Daily, 30 of the hydrogen-fed units have already been exported. By 2011, the Chinese manufacturer hopes to be building 1,000 units per year for sale both in China and abroad. Consi

Regular readers of our site are already familiar with the ENV, the first motorcycle that is fueled by hydrogen. This vehicle has been around in prototype stage for along time, and has been test ridden to death, so I won't go into any details. The general story is this: about 100 miles at 50 miles per hour on electricity generated by the hydrogen fuel cell.