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Watch Toyota's Project Portal hydrogen fuel cell truck drag race a diesel semi

As a showcase for future technology, Project Portal looks promising.

Honda and GM will build fuel cell stacks together in Michigan

The companies have been working for three years on a new, cheaper design.

Hyundai's new fuel-cell vehicle will get dramatic price cut, more range

It could be just half of what the Tucson costs.

The details, of course, remain vague.

Nissan reveals solid-oxide fuel-cell van

How do you solve the hydrogen production problem? Produce the hydrogen in the car.

Toyota takes chrome Mirai to Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb

It'll be at Goodwood later this month.

Toyota entered its fuel cell Mirai in the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb, marking the car's UK motorsport debut. Goodwood is next.

Toyota Mirai gets 'manga' treatment in Japan

Hydrogen fuel-cell presented as the superior alt-fuel option in comic strip.

A Japanese magazine published a manga comic highlighting the benefits of the Toyota Mirai to other eco-friendly automobiles. It is, as you'd expect, very strange.

Japan wants to boost fuel-cell numbers 100x by 2020

Japan's deployment of fuel-cell stations won't multiply quite as fast.

Japan shoots for 40,000 fuel-cell cars on its road by 2020, 800,000 by 2030

Despite EV push, Audi will lead hydrogen for VW Group

Audi's H-Tron concept may lead the way for VW's fuel-cell debut.

Audi will likely be the brand behind Volkswagen's first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Weak hydrogen infrastructure delays Toyota Mirai sales

Today, California Has Fewer Than A Dozen Public Hydrogen Stations In Operation

Toyota is discouraged by slower-than-expected deployment of hydrogen refueling stations, and is therefore tapping the brakes of Mirai deliveries.

Hydrogen deal between GM, Honda getting factory real

GM and Honda may take a major step forward in their shared development of hydrogen fuel cell technology by opening a joint factory.

Mercedes working on fuel cell GLC

Autocar reports that Mercedes-Benz is preparing a GLC F-Cell for 2018. The compact crossover will use a newly developed hydrogen fuel cell stack.

Nissan's timetable for hydrogen car runs to 2020

Toyota, Honda Readying First Production Fuel Cell Vehicles

Company CEO Ghosn says its leadership in electric vehicles reduces a sense of hydrogen urgency.

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Is the hydrogen vs. EV fight really a case of China vs. Japan?

Reuters scopes out the competing visions in Japan and China for an alternative-powertrain future, with huge investment in support of the either the FCEV or EV.

Toyota Mirai will be targeted to Germany, UK

Europe will still only get about 100 of the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles per year.

Toyota Mirai could get Prius-like 'family' of models

Toyota Mirai chief engineer Yoshikazu Tanaka says he'd like to see the hydrogen powertrain expand to a number of other bodystyles.

CAFCP surveys California's hydrogen-station situation

Just Two Operate In Full Retail Mode Right Now

Golden State has 50 stations in the development pipeline to accommodate more fuel-cell drivers.

NREL opens first high-pressure hydrogen fueling station in Colorado

Colorado's first high-pressure hydrogen-refueling station was dedicated on October 8, which is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day.

Toyota already has 1,900 signatures for Mirai fuel cell car

The Closer You Live To A Hydrogen Station, The Better Your Chances Are

There's already a waitlist for Toyota's first production fuel-cell vehicle, the hydrogen-powered Mirai.

Europe gets $36M hydrogen infrastructure for 325 vehicles

Collaboration Will Include Investments In 10 Countries

ITM Power steps up again, this time with a European hydrogen infrastructure program.

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