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New MetroKing taxi could be equipped with hybrid power

Click on the image above for a gallery of MetroKing's new taxi

Hybrid taxis in NY endangered?

Let's get one fact straight right off the bat: no current vehicles on American roadways were designed from the start to serve as taxis. Sure, the Crown Victoria from Ford may be the most often used vehicle for taxi service around the country, but it and its Fox platform were not specifically designed to be used as a taxi. We're not suggesting that the Crown Vic doesn't make a good people-mover, but its or

Nissan Altima hybrids have joined the New York City taxi fleet

I was in Manhattan for a couple of days this week on a press event and noticed a new addition to the local cab fleet. For years now, the classic Crown Vics have been getting supplemented by Toyota Siennas, Ford Escape hybrids and the odd Prius. While cabbies love the mileage they get with the Prius and Escape, the passengers aren't always so thrilled with the volume available in the back seat. This is where the Nissan Altima hybrid comes in. The Altima has a roomier back seat than the other two

Dubai starts testing 10 Chevy Tahoe hybrids as taxis

While New York City is using Ford Escape Hybrids as taxis, that simply wouldn't do in the Middle East. General Motors has delivered ten of its Chevy Tahoe hybrids to the Dubai government for a taxi fleet test. The test program was kicked off by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai at an event held at the Monarch Hotel in Dubai. The attendees at the even

New York City Councilman David Yassky one of the forces for NYC's hybrid taxis

It took time but as AutoblogGreen readers remember, in May, the City announced that the transition to hybrid taxicabs would begin and by 2012, New York will have an all-hybrid taxi fleet. Since drivers have to pay for fuel, they won't complain. New York is an ideal place for a vehicle that operates best in stop-go traffic. There are more hybrid choices now: Toyotas, Hondas, Fords,

All tomorrows taxis: New York fleet will be all hybrid by 2012

It's not like there has been a lack of news about New York's hybrid taxis recently (see links below), but I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of it now: Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that all of city's yellow taxi will be switching over to hybrid models within five years. The AP notes that Bloomberg is most concerned with the environmental aspect of the move. "There's an

The "Greenest City in America" can win a free fleet of hybrid taxis

This morning in Times Square, Yahoo!, Matt Dillon and Global Green USA challenged American citizens to be green for their cities, with a prize of a fleet of hybrid taxis going to the "Greenest City In America." The challenge takes place online, part of the new Yahoo! Green site and the "Be a Better Planet" program. New York City gets a bit of a bonus, maybe for hosting the kick-off: their own free hybrid taxi fle

Boston introduces hybrid taxis

During the recent AltWheels Festival in Boston, Mayor Tom Menino announce a new hybrid taxi initiative for the city. A new Toyota Camry hybrid owned by the Boston Cab Association is now roaming the streets of Boston. Taxis are an ideal application for hybrid vehicles because the bulk of their use is in crowded urban environments with a lot of stop and go driving. Most of the the benef

Number of hybrid taxis to jump 10x in New York City

The AP reported Friday that New York City will soon have ten times as many hybrid taxis - 281 - cruising the streets. The city recently held an auction for permits to operate the cleaner cars in the city and, while opening bids were set at the discounted price of $320,000, the final bids were much higher, with the highest going for $554,147. It's no surprise that permits were heavily bid on, as earlier Sebastian Blanco