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The annual Hybridfest Green Drive Expo kicks off today in Madison, Wisconsin as part of the Dane County Fair. While AutoblogGreen has been able to attend in past years, we won't have any of our regular bloggers in covering the show this year. Still, we're willing to bet large piles of cash that at least some regular readers will be there. Thus, we'd like to put out a call for reader submissions, especially pictures, of events at the expo, including today's MPG Challenge. If you're one of the lu

Last year, we discovered quite a few interesting green car advocates at Hybridfest in Madison, Wisconsin: a hypermiling Honda Insight driver, someone with a 100mpg+ Prius, and a Hobbit. This year, fans of the gas-electric powertrains will be returning to one of the Midwest's hippest little cities to share their love of their rides now that gas costs as much as it does. The third annual show takes place July 19 and 20 as part of the Dane County Fair.

The second annual Hybridfest is going to happen July 21-22, 2007 at the Alliant Energy Center Grounds in Madison, WI. A local non-profit group called Hybridfest, Inc. organized the first event last summer and after a huge turnout decided to expand the event to two days this time around. The festival is actually growing beyond just hybrids this year to include other alternative fuel transport, like biofuels, hydrogen, and plug-in vehicles.

A non-profit group is organizing what is claimed to be the first hybrid electric car show this summer, July 22nd, in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is being promoted as a grass-roots effort by a number of hybrid vehicle owners with no ties to the automotive industry. While the traditional car show might be all about showing your hardware and socializing with enthusiasts, this event wants to educate the public about hybrid cars as well - a worthwile cause in our opinion. For the small fee of $25 y