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UPS, a company which already has twenty-five hybrid diesel electric commercial vehicles in operation, is expanding its fleet of green vehicles by ordering an additional two-hundred hybrid electric vehicles and three-hundred compressed natural gas vehicles from Daimler's Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC). This order will more than double Daimler's active fleet of commercial hybrids, as the German company currently has over one-hundred-sixty in service. We wonder if the two-million mi

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Corporate Express has announced that it will be one of the first U.S. companies to test an Isuzu hybrid delivery truck for its operations. The model will be a current Isuzu truck in which Enova Systems will retrofit their HybridPower drive system. The truck is expected to be completed in April 2008 and will be used in Los Angeles, CA.

Transit buses, school buses and local delivery trucks and vans would seem to be a natural application for hybrid drive-train technology, and they are. The short-range, start and stop duty cycle is able to take maximum advantage of the regenerative braking to boost fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. So why is it that the number of hybrid school buses or parcel delivery trucks in the US remains mired in the dozens or low hundreds? Even hybrid transit buses only number in the low thousands.

Navistar announced last week that its subsidy, the International Truck and Engine Corporation, has become the first company to enter line production of hybrid commercial trucks. The truck in question is the mid-sized International DuraStar Hybrid and Navistar says that the diesel-hybrid powertrain will "provide dramatic fuel savings from 30-40 percent on a standard in-city pickup and delivery applications. The fuel efficiency can increase to more than 60 percent in utility-type applications when

Renault Trucks has designed a new "innovative, urban, hybrid technology concept vehicle." I think this truck simply must have been named with an eye towards the Google age, to be the first result in an internet search. How else to explain the name "Hybrys"?