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Hybrid Technologies, the company which offers the (not very popular) electric Mini Cooper and the all electric L1X-7 sports car, has announced plans to enter the Progressive Automotive X Prize. The vehicle that they will be entering looks to be an extremely sporty vehicle, and would compete in the mainstream category, meaning that it must offer at least four seats. That's two more than the Tesla Roadster, for those keeping count of such things. Two versions of the vehicle are said to be in the w

About a month ago Hybrid Technologies sent out press release that they were slashing the price of their electric vehicle conversions. For some time now, they have been offering up MINI Coopers, Chrysler PT Cruisers and even Crossfires among others. The flaw in the plan however was the pricing. There have been questions about actual performance and how many vehicles the company has actually delivered. The one independent test that we are aware was a battery powered Chrysler PT Cruiser the company

Hybrid Technologies, the company that will bring some of its newly re-named LiV line of electric vehicles to the New York Auto Show next month, has announced that its new type of lithium ion polymer battery has passed tests and should allow electric cars to go 200 miles per charge once they're mass produced. The improvement in the li-ion batteries is a new cathode material with what Hybrid Technologies calls a "superlattice structure" where some of the transition metal is replaced by lithium. T

Hybrid Technologies has announced that it will be renaming its electric vehicle conversions with LiV branding for 2008. The newest model based on the Toyota Yaris is now called the LiV Wise rather than the utterly forgettable Y-120. The LiV Wise starts at $39,500 and prices climb from there. Hybrid Technologies will display some of its cars at the New York Auto Show next month, and we'll be trying to catch up with them. Hopefully, we'll finally get an answer to the question of just how many of t

If you've had a hankering for a full battery electric version of a MINI, PT Cruiser, Smart ForTwo or Toyota Yaris, the price tag just got a little more manageable. Lost Wages-based Hybrid Technologies has been doing EV conversions for a while now and apparently the cost of their lithium ion batteries has come down significantly so they are passing on the savings to the customer. Of course, this is no way meant to imply that any of their cars are inexpensive or affordable to the average consumer