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We've reported on hybrid taxis in NYC, Sydney and Dubai, but the trend isn't limited to places that also happen to be tourist hot spots. On my way to the airport yesterday, I tried a new taxi service in Lansing that exclusively uses hybrids in their fleet. OK, make that a hybrid in the fleet of one. Woodrow Campbel, the owner/dispatcher/driver, said that people don't call him because he's the green taxi in town, but he's pretty sure that his reputation will grow. In the meantime, weekend bar tra

Hybrid vehicles have already proven their worth and durability in big city taxi service in Manhattan over the past two years. By 2012 all New York city taxis will be required to have at least hybrid drive-trains. In 2006, officials in Sydney, Australia started their own hybrid taxi test to evaluate the efficacy of their use. The Toyota Prius turned out to be a fine taxi and New South Wales Transport Minister John Watkins has announced it has been approved for use as a taxi in Sydney. Presumably