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Will the long, twisted tale of Fisker Automotive and it bankruptcy assets finally end on February 12? It might, because that's the date a bankruptcy court has now set for an auction to let the bidders decide who will take home the plug-in automaker's goods. The auction will be held at the law offices of Kirkland & Ellis in New York, according to a new report in Reuters.

We've all written an apology letter at some point, right? These simple little notes declare that we've done something wrong and we're trying to make it right. In the Barret Lyon's case, discovering an apology letter with his name attached to it was quite shocking. Why, was he shocked? Well first of all, Lyon doesn't feel he's done anything wrong and, second, he claims he didn't even write the letter. He says it's a forgery.

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While perusing YouTube the other day, we happened across some re-posted videos from the Hybrid Technologies collection. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then we read a video description that said ,"EV Innovations, formerly Hybrid Technologies, shows off one of thier [sic] electric vehicles." Huh? EV who? We contacted their PR firm who told us, "We will be issuing a press release shortly and will put you on the distribution lists." And then, nothing. Luckily Google didn't similarly let us down an

It seems that some are less affected by the current economic downturn than others. At the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 11th month the upcoming "Super Car" from Hybrid Technologies, packaged with a trip for two to Los Angeles and the chance to drive it on a racetrack, became available for one lucky person to buy at the low low price of $100,000 via Sam's Club. It wasn't available for long, as a day later, the Sam's Club website says it's sold. We can only wonder whether or not the buyer-to-be

We've known for some time that Hybrid Technologies was planning on bringing an electric supercar to the Progressive Automotive X Prize but now comes word that they're also bringing it to a lucky Sam's Club shopper. And by "lucky" we mean wealthy, since the super-sized price tag on this "supercar" is $100,000. That's a little less than what a Tesla Roadster goes for these days but it's enough money to buy about 10 Nissan Versas. It's not the first time the North Carolina-based company has worked

Have you ever done something that was absolutely antithetical to your peer group and then had the nerve to tell them about it? That's what it seems "MRSTEAM" has done over at the Corvette Forum website. The Corvette aficionado and owner let his buds know that he is shelling out some $42,020 to buy himself an all-electric LiV™ WISE, which is a Toyota Yaris that will be converted by Hybrid Technologies. For his money he is expecting a vehicle which will have a top speed of 75+ mph, a range o

Hybrid Technologies, in a bid to gain respect and credibility, has announced today that they will lend its LiV™ FLASH (a converted BMW Mini Cooper) to one Mr.Alan Thicke, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee and star of '80s sitcom "Growing Pains". About the deal, the Canadian-born actor is said to have stated, "As a Baby Boomer Consumer, I've been part of the problem so now it's time to be part of the solution. Hybrid Technologies allows me to cut back on emissions and eliminate fuel costs witho

Hybrid Technologies, the company which offers the (not very popular) electric Mini Cooper and the all electric L1X-7 sports car, has announced plans to enter the Progressive Automotive X Prize. The vehicle that they will be entering looks to be an extremely sporty vehicle, and would compete in the mainstream category, meaning that it must offer at least four seats. That's two more than the Tesla Roadster, for those keeping count of such things. Two versions of the vehicle are said to be in the w

About a month ago Hybrid Technologies sent out press release that they were slashing the price of their electric vehicle conversions. For some time now, they have been offering up MINI Coopers, Chrysler PT Cruisers and even Crossfires among others. The flaw in the plan however was the pricing. There have been questions about actual performance and how many vehicles the company has actually delivered. The one independent test that we are aware was a battery powered Chrysler PT Cruiser the company

Hybrid Technologies all-lithium Mini Cooper is on the cover and on sale through a Sam's Club magazine called Source Guide. The price for the 2008 Model is $65,000 and it's ready for immediate delivery. Recently, we told you about a promotion Sam's Club did with Hybrid Technologies where they sold a single electric Smart car. Seems like that promotion must have been a success if Hybrid Technologies' Mini is now on the cover of the Sam's Club's catalog. Below the fold is a video test drive of the

It's kind of a joke to say Wal-Mart sells everything. Does Wal-Mart sell electric cars? Well, this Christmas... they do sell electric cars! Sam's Club, a unit of Wal-Mart stores Inc, will sell an electric car in a Christmas promotion November 8 through December 29. The car is the Mercedes-Benz Smart and it's actually on Sam's Club front page right now below a pre-order of Guitar Hero.

The team at Hybrid Technologies has struck again this time with a motorcycle converted to run on lithium ion batteries. The Stealth, as they call it, is a cruiser style and has a top speed of 50 mph. Performance is apparently comparable to a 500cc bike but with no noise. The bike isn't specifically on Hybrid Technologies' site although it looks similar to their Jin so it probably has a range of 40 miles. Popular Mechanics has a video with HT founder Richard Griffiths showing off and demonstratin

BusinessCar, a website dedicated to helping businesses get the most for their money when they buy or lease vehicles, has hashed out the pros and cons of ten green automotive technologies. After all the calculations, they've decided that hybrids are the current best choice. The editors say they "judged on emissions (that's all of them, and not just tailpipe CO2), fuel economy, tax benefits, availability and long-term viability – and then crowned a winner."

We know there has been some skepticism about announcements from Hybrid Technologies, but it seems they've made good on their promise to put a lithium-battery-powered taxi on the streets of New York City. The company just announced that a converted PT Cruiser is now in full service in the Big Apple.

Hybrid Technologies, one of the partners behind the Mullen L1X-75 that was announced the other day, will be announcing a network of 75 dealers and distributors during the New York Auto Show in April. The network will include dealers around the world including the United States. The dealers will be offering the full line of Hybrid Technologies products including cars, cycles, and lawn and garden equipment, all powered by lithium batteries. Among other projects, Hybrid Technologies is doing batte

For $35,000 you could own an electric Smart. Hybrid Technologies showed off one of its early models at the SEMA Show. I didn't ask if the sky graphics were included. Even in factory colors, I'm sure this little gem will draw attention on the street. Not much in the way of technical information was available, but I have been offered a drive and face time with company engineers soon. The Smart is the second electric conversion offered by Hybrid. The first is a PT Cruiser. The company has a NYC tax

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