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LA Times' Dan Neil likes the Nissan Altima Hybrid

The Los Angeles Times' Dan Neil recently wrote a review of the new 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid and, well, he pretty much likes it. In many respects it's very much like a new Toyota Camry Hybrid, which is to be expected since Nissan is licensing the battery and control technology for their first hybrid vehicle from Toyota. The Altima loses some trunk space to the battery and e

NY Times reviews the "overlooked" Ford Escape hybrid

The 2006 Ford Escape hybrid has been in the news a bit lately for its recall, but the hybrid recently made the Times not for the possible safety issue, but because the paper is finally reviewing the "overlooked" hybrid (one reason it's overlooked is that Ford didn't really advertise the the hybrid version until this year's Super Bowl). The Times reviewer found t

USA Today's Camry review: decent, if you're willing to pay

We've recently pointed to two reviews of the new Toyota Camry Hybrid, one fairly positive and the other fairly negative. Now, USA Today's test driver James Healey comes down a little bit on both side of the equat

One person's economic analysis of just how green owning a hybrid is

We linked to AutoblogGreen reader Jason Coyne's blog last week when he posted a review of the Toyota Camry Hybrid he recently purchased. He then wrote in to say he appreciated the extra attention his review got from that link (among others) and that someone sent him feedback on the review questioning just how green hybrids are. So, in good blogger fash

Another take on the Toyota Camry Hybrid

AutoblogGreen reader Jason Coyne suggested we take a look at his review of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which he just picked up from the dealer last weekend. A lot of his review focuses on aspects of the Camry unrelated to the hybrid guts – like the keyless fob and the DVD navigation system – but he does include a section on the power train. His initial

Toyota Camry Hybrid review: not so hot

With the Toyota Camry Hybrid's lineage (Toyota hybrid technology, Camry styling), it seems like it could be an ideal car for a lot of people. But it's not for one reviewer over at epinions. Mkaresh has written over 400 reviews for epinions (of cars and tires and related items) and so knows his stuff. He certainly knows he doesn't like the Camry hybrid. He found it lacking compared to the Lexus ES 350 he drove the same day, and lack