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Report: Hybrid Kinetic Motors to spend $500 million for Italian styling

In a deal that will bring Italian style to the Hybrid Kinetic Motors range of CNG-powered hybrid vehicles, the Alabama-bound company has inked a deal with Italdesign Giugiaro to design and engineer its initial eight models. Good thing, since the foliage-enshrouded vehicle on their website (and pictured above) seems somew

$6.5 billion Chinese hybrid-electric car plant for Mississippi up in the air

Might a $6.5 billion hybrid-electric car factory be coming to Mississippi? Depending on what happens with a lawsuit that has shone light on the previously unknown deal, we think it's a definite maybe. Or maybe not (c'mon, we're bloggers, not soothsayers). Apparently, quiet plans had been afoot to begin building on a 3,500 acre site this year that would have had hybrids rolling off the line as early as 2011. By 2015, it was to be in full production and employing some 25,000 people in the Magnolia