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A123 announces plans to make battery packs for Tata hybrid buses

A123, the battery company that supplies lithium-ion battery packs for companies such as Fisker Automotive, BMW and General Motors, will produce battery packs for hybrid-electric buses made by Tata Motors, India's biggest automaker.

Arctic Whisper diesel hybrid bus boasts 18 hours of electric-only range

Since it won the Future Transport Award at the Elmia Future Transport Fair in Sweden, it seems safe to say that the Hybricon Arctic Whisper diesel hybrid transit bus stands out.

Ford, Georgia Tech to build biofueled, hydraulic hybrid "Green Eco School Bus"

The Georgia Institute of Technology and Ford Motor Company Fund have partnered to convert a school bus to a hydraulic hybrid vehicle that runs on recycled biofuel. Conducted by Georgia Tech, the project is financed by a $50,000 Ford College Community Challenge Grant. The project focuses on converting existing school buses into hydraulic hybrids, which could reduce emissions and lower transportation costs for schools.

Obama in Indianapolis Friday to talk about hybrid buses, reducing oil imports

President Obama will visit Indianapolis, IN on Friday, rescheduling a trip to Allison Transmission, a global provider of commercial-duty automatic transmissions and hybrid-propulsion systems, that was delayed due to budget negotiations. The White House says that the President will tour Allison's facilities before speaking to workers about the importance of slashing oil imports, while also address

Opbrid introduces Busbaar; an overhead rapid charger for hybrid, electric buses [w/video]

Opbrid Busbaar overhead charging system – Click above to watch video after the jump

China plugs in next wave of electric cars by putting buses first

Plug-in buses are not a new idea (examples here, here and here) but transportation planners in China seem to think that there is a benefit to getting them on the streets that goes beyond reducing f

Zero-emission Proterra electric bus comes to Capitol Hill

Proterra electric bus – Click above for high-res image gallery

King County Washington orders 500 more Daimler hybrid buses

Hybrid transit bus deployments are picking up steam all across North America. King County, in Washington, has placed an order for 500 new Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid buses from Daimler Buses North America. King County already has an extensive fleet of hybrid buses and the first batch of 93 Orions are due for delivery in mid-2010. OC Transpo in the Canadian capital of Ottawa also ordered 80 more of the hybrid buses, taking its total fleet size to 177 units. With its current in-service hybrid

Mercedes launches Citaro G Blue Tec Hybrid Bus

Mercedes-Benz builds more than fancy li-ion hybrid cars. The company's buses, notably the Citaro series, are quite a common sight in European cities. The German company has announced that the new generation of the Citaro G model, known as "bendy-buses" in England, will include BlueTec technology (NOx reduction with AdBlue) paired up with hybrid technology, making it the first series

Chinese automaker FAW announces new-energy (read: hybrid) vehicle factory

Despite the lackluster sales from rival company BYD, Chinese automaker FAW has announced a new manufacturing plant that will specialize in building hybrid vehicles. Set to be completed in 2012, the automaker expects to build about 1,000 hybrid buses and 11,000 hybrid Xavier Navarro

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