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Two Wheels

Polaris is traditionally known as a powersports manufacturer, selling a range of ATVs and snowmobiles. Lately, however, the North Star brand has begun to move into the electric vehicle space. They now own neighborhood electric vehicle maker GEM, and have also made a significant investment in Brammo. And now, its extended its empire into the realm of electric bicycles.

100 watts of power power may not sound like much in the world of automobiles. Heck, a Nissan Leaf can churn out 80,000 watts, but that doesn't mean if it can't get you places. Pierce Hoover, an inventor and journalist wanted to teach his son about being energy conscious, and to show him that the power of just one light bulb can take you across the country.

BlackTrail BT-01 – Click above to watch video after the jump

Yeah, we know you're cool (you're reading AutoblogGreen after all). But are you cool enough to hang with the likes of a certain Ed Begley Jr.? If you can get yourself to Chatsworth, California, Ed, hold the Mister, will available to sign copies of his new book, Living Like Ed, as well as answer any questions you might have about living green and the environment or about being a television superstar.

Have you been wanting to celebrate National Bike Month in fine style this May but are lacking the necessary bicycle part of the equation? Fret no more because OHM Cycles has just announced their 2008 hybrid electric line-up of urban and sport bikes. Designed to help you get up those steep hills and ride farther, OHM harnesses lithium ion batteries from Moli Energy and a microprocessor-equipped brushless DC BionX motor with a command console that allows you to choose between four "power modes" an