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Report: Japan says Pacific Ocean holds vast amounts of rare earth metals

It's been reported that soaring demand for rare earth metals will likely drive prices way up. This concept of demand = increased prices is supported by numerous individuals and firms. First, there's the report from Metal-Pages, which indicates that the price of neodymium, an element used in electric motors, doubled in 2010.

Survey: Only 1% of UK motorists looking to buy hybrid or electric vehicles within 12 months

The UK Automobile Association's latest annual survey shows that, of the respondents who may be replacing their vehicles within the next 12 months, only one percent will be looking to buy either a hybrid or an electric vehicle. Ouch. Meanwhile, the survey shows that nearly 50 percent of motorists think that the price of "green" vehicles is prohibitive.

Prius-badged vehicles to become Toyota's best-selling model?

Set to quadruple its Prius-badged vehicle lineup with the addition of the Prius V, Prius Plug-in and Prius C, Toyota says that autos bearing the Prius nameplate may soon become the company's best-selling vehicles in the

Wisconsin Toyota dealer needs 141 vehicles for record-setting hybrid parade

Toyota's record-setting hybrid parade in Belgium – Click above to watch video after the jump

Automotive News announces the "Electrifying 100"

Editors over at Automotive News, along with industry experts, have compiled a list of the most influential people paving the road for the automobile's electrified future. The "Automotive News' Electrifying 100" were recognized at an event on June 13th at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI. AN's list includes industry leaders like Carlos Ghosn and visionaries

Report: Prices of fuel-efficient used vehicles have peaked

As gasoline prices start to dip, so too are the values of fuel-efficient used vehicles. According to Kelley Blue Book, prices on fuel-sipping used autos increased by roughly 25 percent throughout the first 20 weeks of 2011, but that, "values for fuel-efficient used vehicles have now peaked." If you're out shopping for new used wheels, KBB has good news for you in that prices for used compact,

Report: Toyota logs 52,000 Prius Alpha orders in May

File this one under the category of unexpected. According to Integrity Exports, Toyota logged an outrageous 52,000 orders for its Prius Alpha hybrid over in Japan since the vehicle launched on Ma

Estella Warren arrested after going berserk in Toyota Prius

Estella Warren was named Maxim magazine's "Hottest Woman" back in 2000. However, she'll likely be remembered, at least for awhile, as the former Victoria's Secret model-turned-actress that recently went berserk in a Toyota Prius.

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