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Last week, the energy technology firm Hy-Drive started using technology from PeopleNet. PeopleNet supplies Internet-based, satellite tracking and mobile communication devices to fleets, and some of these technologies will now be embedded in Hy-Drive system, for better monitoring. Through this partnership, Hy-Drive says it will continue to "demonstrate, verify, and maintain the fuel efficiency and emission reduction benefits that Hy-Drive guarantees to its clients" (think trucking fleets). One cu

We never get far into a "cars can run on water" story before people fire up their negative comments and criticize the idea as absurd. Well, sure, it sounds odd and too good to be true, but what if I told you that a management consultant – a person who gets paid to give good ideas – thought it was a good enough idea to invest big in a company built on the idea and the technology to do it? Tom Brown is that person. He used to just be an investor in Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd., but he wa