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The "Hummingbird" has created quite a buzz. Since unveiling the single-seat Colibri electric vehicle, Innovative Mobility Automobile GmbH (IMA) has collected more than 700 pre-orders, according to the company. If those prospective customers make good, Colibri will sell out of the vehicle in 2015, the model's first year of production. That's quite a start, but no where near the end. The company said earlier this year that it could see ramping production up to as many as 17,000 units a year. The l

Say a company claims it has a battery pack that has set an amazing range record but then the vehicle that the battery powered ends up destroyed in a warehouse fire. What would you think? Well, this is the exact scenario that DBM Energy GmbH is facing.

Lekker Mobil electric Audi A2 with DBM Energy batteries – Click above for high-res image gallery