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Will the HUMMER HX concept appear in Transformers 2?

I had my issues with last summer's Transformers movie, as did some others, about the missed opportunities for green vehicle placement. Remember the HUMMER HX concept from Detroit earlier t

Detroit 2008: The Hummer HX with its parts off

One of the features of the HUMMER HX ethanol-ready concept is a number of very configurable body panels. Doors, fenders and much more can be taken off and change the look of the vehicle to suit the fickle mood of the hypothetical owner. On each day of the Detroit Auto Show, GM will be showcasing a different look for the HX, and we happened to be walking by earlier today when the switch was happening. You can see a schedule of what's coming in Sebastian Blanco

Detroit 2008: Hummer HX Concept live reveal

The look and feel of the Hummer HX concept has been on our computer screens for a while now, but today was the first time we got to look at the baby Hummer in the metal for the first time. And, surprise, surprise, GM is saying with a straight face that the Hummer brand and the environment can get along. Of all the Hummer vehicles, the HX certainly comes closest, being smaller and lighter than ever before and being