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Two years ago General Motors had 6,049 dealers spread across the United States. Post-bankruptcy, that number is down to 4,500 retail outlets. The dealer cutback was supposed to help GM's bottom line while simultaneously bolstering sales and profits at the remaining dealerships, but has it worked? Automotive News reports that the early returns are mixed.

Despite the fact that Hummers are really no worse on gas than many other full-size, off-road oriented SUV, there is no arguing that the brand has come to represent all that is wrong in the state of the auto scene. As gas prices began rising, Hummer sales began sinking. In contrast, sales of hybrids, MINIs and smarts have gone through the roof. For its part, Penske, the American importer of the smart brand, has raised its sales outlook for the year. It's telling that one of the nation's largest H

There's no official obituary for GM's HUMMER brand yet, but haters are lacing up their dancing shoes while lovers wring their hands. Dealers with HUMMER franchises have a lot of skin in the game, so the uncertain future is bound to give business officers ulcers. Not willing to wait around to the bitter end, Milwaukee's Bergstrom HUMMER is planning to move into the same space as the group's Chevrolet store. The HUMMER-specific Quonset hut style dealership building will be toned down and pressed i