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Heavy Water: Geiger supercharges the HUMMER H3

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Ezra Dyer pits the Nissan GT-R versus... the Hummer H3T

Automobile's Ezra Dyer has a knack for positing the most intriguing vehicular questions in an inimitable, screamingly hilarious style. Who else would send Hummer's junior-level H3T against Nissan's heavyweight GT-R, and why? "I want to go bash around in the boonies with a jacked-up truck before somebody decides that that sort of thing is really so much fun that it should be illegal" is the perfect answer to that question. If vehicles weren't in some way about fun, we'd all be lining up

HUMMER with wooden wheels called "art"

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Police in Oz hope Hummers will curb "antisocial behavior"

Question: What's more intimidating than a group of Australian Police roaming the streets in search of drunken party-goers? Answer: Aussie Police driving Hummer H3s with the same intent... supposedly. The Hummers in question were provided by the General in all-black before getting custom livery from the authorities, complete with a blue-and-red flashing light bar on top. Police hope to be a bit more conspicuous in the SUVs, which will be prowling the nightclub districts in Melbourne. There may be

In Australia, Police fight "antisocial behavior" with Hummers

Hummers may be a bit controversial due to their highly conspicuous consumption, but it is exactly that prominence that Aussie Police hope to make use of in order to fight crime. Really, Hummers are hard to miss, and a fleet of five of them, even in relatively small H3 size, is sure to get noticed, right?. Okay, fine... so who's supposed to notice these Hummers with custom livery and bright flashing lights? Revelers out having a good time with bad intentions in the nightclub districts of Melbourn

First Drive: HUMMER H3T

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Hedging its bets - HUMMER dealer anticipates doom, pre-emptively downsizes

There's no official obituary for GM's HUMMER brand yet, but haters are lacing up their dancing shoes while lovers wring their hands. Dealers with HUMMER franchises have a lot of skin in the game, so the uncertain future is bound to give business officers ulcers. Not willing to wait around to the bitter end, Milwaukee's Bergstrom HUMMER is planning to move into the same space as the group's Chevrolet store. The HUMMER-specific Quonset hut style dealership building will be toned down and pressed i

Autoblog does the Baja 500: Round 1, the pre-running

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Sign of the times? Hummer registration plummets

Although none of the Hummer models are really all that worse than any other body-on-frame SUV powered by a large engine, the ex-military marque is considered by many to be the anti-green brand. If that's how you feel, you'll likely be glad to hear that Hummer models are languishing on dealer lots all over the country. Hummer spokeswoman Joanne Krell suggests that the downturn in sales is directly relat

2009 H2 and H2 SUT - first production E85-capable Hummers

As our brothers at Autoblog like to say, it's "officially official." GM has confirmed their plans to offer all Hummers with biofuel-capable engine options. According to Automotive News, a Hummer official has said that the 2009 H2 and H2 SUT will be equipped with flex-fuel engines capable on running on gasoline

E85-capable DI V-6 moves from HUMMER HX concept to H3 by 2010

During a first drive event for the new HUMMER H3T in Moab, Utah, Mike Levine of PickupTruck.com got confirmation of an engine change coming to the H3 lineup. When the H3 debuted it was saddled with the 3.7L inline five cylinder from the Chevy Colorado pickup it was derived from. Unfortunately, that engine struggled mightily with the H3's 4,700lb mass. That meant it worked hard all the time and got notoriously lousy fuel economy. When a V-8 engine option was added last year, it got the same fuel

2010 HUMMER H3 to get direct-inject 3.6L V6 as base engine

Our friend Mike Levine, proprietor of PickupTruck.com, was trying out the new H3T pickup out in Moab, Utah this week and learned that the H3 will finally lose its hoary old five-cylinder base engine in favor of something a little more modern. A new flex fuel-capable direct-injected 3.6L V6 like the one used in the Sam Abuelsamid

Man creates 1:1 scale remote-controlled HUMMER H3

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HUMMER attacks perception problems with "Purpose Built" campaign

HUMMER's image has always been one of excessive excess. While much of that portrayal is due to GM's own marketing, the people who purchase the imposing 'utes – be they high-profile celebs or well-to-do suburbanites – have done more to define the brand than GM's marketing boffins ever could. But the General wants to change all that.

Russian man lets activists throw rotten food at his H3

An intriguingly-named group of Russian environmental activists, "Peter Antiglobalism," wanted to make a statement about the pernicious effects of consumerism. What they needed was something they could pelt with rotten dairy goods and vegetables. What they got was a Russian man who agreed to let them throw the aforementioned foodstuffs at his HUMMER H3.

HUMMER headed to Japan in spring of '08

Japanese fashionistas are getting a three-ton present from the General this coming spring when it will begin shipping HUMMERs to the Land of the Rising Sun. Martin Walsh, HUMMER's General Manager, told the Detroit News that despite slow vehicle sales in Japan, the island nation will become another niche player for GM's iconic off-roader.

Euro-goths rejoice! HUMMER H3 Black Edition for Europe

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